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what if every monday, we took a lil break from twitter and shared a bunch of art and stuff all in one place on mastodon! and what if we encouraged cool people from other websites to come hang out and get to know the masto community!

every #MastoMonday, i'll be sharing a bunch of cool art i've been working on and i think it would be cool if you did too~

here's a graphic you can use to spread the word to people who might not use mastodon already :3

@RobinHood This movie finally explains what the D in R2D2 stands for.

bofh boosted Love your PFP. Is that animation from a game?

@HTHR I have had this urge, but have yet to act upon it...

It *is* tempting tho...

@shyhustler seems twitter didn't like a tool that made it easier to leave their platform lol

@shyhustler I've done some digging, and it would appear that Twitter banned the bridge back around january, and noone's gotten a replacement setup

@shyhustler Welcome to the Fediverse!

I hope you're able to get in touch with your friend :)

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Remember when I said that all I really wanted was an electric pickup truck?

I should have explained that I bought an entire sackful of monkey’s paws that very day from a mysterious stranger and honestly, it's just been happily running on my laptop and been my main search engine on that machine for the past few months. Glad to help!

I tried selfhosting locally after discovering that most publically accessible instances tend to have captcha related errors due to being hit by bots. one thing i've been using is a self-run "searx" instance. that seems to be pretty dang useful.

lynx localhost:8888 and it can search DDG, google, bing, and other services.

bit slower ofc as it's requesting multiple sources, but i like it. oh, i didn't try that.

If you look at the screenshot, the majority of the links are dead...

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rly? wtf!