@RobinHood This movie finally explains what the D in R2D2 stands for.

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@ale Love your PFP. Is that animation from a game?

@HTHR I have had this urge, but have yet to act upon it...

It *is* tempting tho...

@shyhustler seems twitter didn't like a tool that made it easier to leave their platform lol

@shyhustler I've done some digging, and it would appear that Twitter banned the bridge back around january, and noone's gotten a replacement setup

@shyhustler Welcome to the Fediverse!

I hope you're able to get in touch with your friend :)

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Remember when I said that all I really wanted was an electric pickup truck?

I should have explained that I bought an entire sackful of monkey’s paws that very day from a mysterious stranger

@azure and honestly, it's just been happily running on my laptop and been my main search engine on that machine for the past few months.

@azure Glad to help!

I tried selfhosting locally after discovering that most publically accessible instances tend to have captcha related errors due to being hit by bots.

@azure one thing i've been using is a self-run "searx" instance. that seems to be pretty dang useful.

lynx localhost:8888 and it can search DDG, google, bing, and other services.

bit slower ofc as it's requesting multiple sources, but i like it.

@azure oh, i didn't try that.

If you look at the screenshot, the majority of the links are dead...

@azure just gave it a test run, seems to work mostly alright. there are some complaints about invalid cookies that i had to accept tho.

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Mastodon fact: Mastodon was originally designed as a DLC extension for the Nintendo 3DS game "Garfield Cart"

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rly? wtf!