kinda want to setup a pleroma instance today

#mastoadmin definitely time to instance block freefedifollowers dot ga

It's spamming the everloving crap out of our newcomers with follows.

Remember that the #OpenBSD project is always looking for some hardware !

If you have unused machines at home, think about it :flan_wave:

DEF CON is a battle ground.

Either it kills me, or I kill me.

logging on to twitter dot com is like looking through an alternate universe where everything is even more hell

Awww... cute... several users of are flagged a s tor relay nodes....

I mean... aren't we all really?

OK,firewall is stable, I think DNS is all sorted out...

getting good traffic data again... which is nice.

Domain blocks will start going in at a good firewall again tomorrow.

I also see you... poking around thinking your sockpuppet is so sneaky...

Might ban your whole country tomorrow... just to make a point...

rly? wtf!